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Use online services with your bank, your insurance for your trips? For several years is possible via the Internet a 'large amount of transactions without having to physically go to the door.
Euro Services operates in the same way: exchange information with our experienced, professional partners via Internet-enabled. For example, you can send your scanned invoices, you can download and print them at any time the F24 to make your payment of fees, you can download your monthly budget, or your annual income tax return, you can make your training online . And thanks to the team of professionals who offer advice on corporate finance and business plan easier, you can check the feasibility of your idea businness, etc.., All without having to move from your home or office.

You will always be supported by a specialized team to you during office hours for any further clarification.

banner_servizi.gifServiced office

Euro Services is able to meet the needs in Palermo and the needs of businesses, professionals and representatives who need meeting room, office and / or even to an appropriate reference, to address a stable and safe to perform the their work and representation.

The Serviced Office offered help to present their company in a managerial and operating in offices furnished and equipped for any business in an elegant and comfortable located in Square Vittorio Veneto, one of the most prestigious of the city of Palermo (Sicily).

1) Servizi Vari
Giornaliero Mensile Semestrale Annuale
- Office and home phone
- fax Home and Secretary
- Secretary and postal address
- Secretariat and management appointments
- Performance requirements
- Fiscal domicile
- Business domicile
- Telematics domicile
2) room service
3) Servizio Ufficio Arredato3) Service Furnished 3) Office Service furnished additional services:
servizi aggiuntivi:
- Telephone local and long (excluding mobile phones)
- Internet Services
- Secretariat
- Office and domicile fax
- Office and postal address
- photocopying

Per servizi specifici richiedi un preventivo personalizzato emailButton.png

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