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Euro Services, using the Internet lets you save time and money without having to give up a professional service and top-level.


Make your request in verifying which categories of services provided includes:

Your request falls under the categories of services or benefits:

-point 1.1

-point 1.2 (I accept the terms of the Regulation)

                                Rules Portal

This regulation provides the conditions for services provided on line, from Euro Services professionals and partners of the company's website


Through the portal offered the following types of services or benefits:

1.1) with general information, legal, financial, facilities, tax, tax, contribution, accounting, administrative, contribution, insurance and welfare, and other laws regulatory measures, in full or summary information directly available on the Forum by Users of the site for free,

1.2) advisory services and personalized assistance fee consisting of the provision of advice through answers to specific questions formulated by the format by Users of the Site


advisory service conducted by the Euro through the Site Services, referred to in paragraph 1.2) of Section 1 is divided into two phases:

a) in the first stage, the user poses a question. The question must be formulated in precise terms, apply to one subject and contain all the elements to clearly identify the issue. The user making the query must provide your email address (e-mail). Within two business days following the receipt of the e-mail containing the question, the Firm send you an e-mail containing:

- possible causes that prevent the escape of the request stating the reasons (just as an example : not subject to jurisdiction of the Study, in question too general, imprecise or confused, lack of data or the operating information of the question, the question relating to events or situations whose solution is needed considering the availability or acts, documents, statements or otherwise, any other cause or technical reasons, personal or professional that makes it impossible to temporarily or permanently supply the answer or opinion);
- its availability to provide the expertise and thus to respond to question and the amount dell'onorario requested and the time needed for sending the answer or opinion on or after collection of royalty payment.

b) In the second stage, the user, received the positive response of the Study and know the fee and time required for the response, remains absolutely free to continue or not in the request for advice. Only in case of acceptance of the consideration required, the time horizon of the response, the mode of payment, inspection of these conditions and the information on the processing of personal data, communicate via e-mail the name and tax needed for the fulfillment of the law related to billing. At the same acceptance and confirmation to be sent by electronic mail, you will duly pay the fee (plus VAT and possibly reduced by the withholding of payment if a substitute for tax), in the form chosen according to what is shown on quote received. In principle the answer to the question is sent by e-mail no later than the third business day following the date of receipt of payment by money order or credit from the bank on account of Euro Services Papa M. & C. sas The payment does not preclude the obligation of the User posting the confirmation of appointment and acceptance, in the absence of which may not effect the performance, despite having possibly already received the amount of the consideration due to lack of data necessary obligations tax billing.

is excluded the possibility of confirmation of the assignment and / or acceptance of the quotation and / or response to a question by telephone.

In order to keep track of every transaction in the interest of both sides, all the service is carried out through:

- e-mail, send the question of the availability of escape from the same study, confirmation and acceptance option and answer the question;

- fax, to send copies of certificates of payment (receipt of sending the money order order or bank transfer).


The fees for the provision of advice with answers to questions and specific individuals are determined by the complexity of the question as a reference using the current rate of Doctors Professional Accountants and Accounting Experts. The minimum required payment will still be set at Euro 25.00 VAT in addition to responding to individual questions.


The provision of advice is considered concluded at the time of dispatch of opinion or response. It is written in the normal care required by professional ethics. The answer will be consequent to the specific question raised in light of evidence, data and situation and described therein. Elements, data, news or anything else not clearly indicated or normally inferred from the text of the question, can not be used to challenge the reply. Additional requests or questions of detail on specific topics, issues or new issues raised or brought to light by the response given by the study are considered to formulate a new question.


Anything not expressly stated in these conditions shall be governed by the Code and civil laws. For any dispute shall be referred to the Court of Palermo.



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