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Domestic work is the activity of the worker "household employee, nurse, domestic, etc.." Rendering their work for the functioning of family life. Employers are individuals who work for general use eg. cleaning or skilled jobs eg. baby-sitter, cook, or care for elderly persons, etc.. . The employment relationship was governed by Law No 339, 1958. To date, Law No. 2 of 2009, requires employers to make administration easier for domestic employees (recruitment, modification, extensions and terminations) are no longer required to disclose to the Center for ' use any information regarding the employment relationship, but must submit individual communications to the INPS, which will transmit INAIL to Prefettura / Territorial Office of the Government (if the employee is extra) at the Ministry of Labor and the Centers for 'employment with the opportunity to pay contributions on-line. The employer can benefit from the opportunity to deduct contributions from income after deducting the expenses incurred for non self-sufficient.

From the selection of staff to the administration of the employment relationship should be put the right emphasis, then, if the employer's home does not go to a consultant, must scrupulously observe the requirements of the law in order not to incur penalties and civil liability and criminal.

nified communications -news.gif Circolare n. 20 del 17/2/2009
From 01 January 2009 all communications recruitment, conversion, extension and termination of domestic workers must be made through the new forms approved by the Ministry of Labor, downloadable from the links below:
Guide to Filling
Unified Communications Recruitment
Notice unified extension
Unified Communications processors
Unified Communications dismissal 

The employer may make the domestic communication INPS is only on line that on paper, or via fax , or other means provided to document the degree of data transmission. In this case, the pluriefficacia communication is ensured by the regional services of the Ministry of Labor, through the insertion of the module in the application systems and the services is made available to social security funds through the system of cooperation telematics application. Consequently fell to the obligation towards'S, of the Center for the use and the Police.

INPS contributions payable.
The employer is obliged to pay contributions INPS, is a bear that charged to the employee (see the new rates reported among the news site)
The contributions payable shall be calculated on the basis of:
- the actual hourly wage;
- the thirteenth month calculated in hourly;
- the conventional value, which is also distributed in time, meals and accommodation
- the amount of the contribution determined annually.                         

The contributions you pay (pay), with or telematic bulletin every quarter :

Scadenza Periodo 
dal 1° al 10 aprile versamento per il 1° trimestre
dal 1° al 10 luglio versamento per il 2° trimestre
dal 1° al 10 ottobre versamento per il 3° trimestre
dal 1° al 10 gennaio versamento per il 4° trimestre

In the event of termination of his contributions must be paid within ten days of the termination.
I post bulletins are sent by INPS directly to the address of the employer . The bulletins may be obtained by calling or free Inps informa 803164 or online.

In this section you will find information and regulations, as well as fac-like download.
For assistance and / or advice

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